Feather River Ranger District

Advanced training workshop in stone tool artifact identification.

Barstow fieldwork

Recording site features in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Joshua Tree National Park

Workshop participants take a short hike to a site in Joshua Tree National Park.

Class in the rain

The field mapping at San Bernardino National Forest ended early because of heavy rain. Photo by Doug Guimond.

Advanced training workshops provide training and experience in skills that are useful for CASSP volunteers. These workshops may last one or two days, and usually combine lectures and other presentations with hands-on practice. Topics in previous advanced workshops have included preparing site sketch maps (to scale), use of hand-held GPS units, recording techniques for rock art, faunal identification, flintknapping demonstrations, historic and prehistoric artifact identification, and field survey techniques.

Advanced training workshops are constructed to help current volunteer site stewards. Volunteer confidentiality agreements may have to be updated or renewed if the workshop includes sensitive site information. Registration is required for advanced workshops. Usually space is limited, so please register as soon as you can.

small marker(updated 5 June, 2015) On July 18-19, an advanced workshop will be held by the BLM Hollister Field Office to locate, identify, and record historic structures and features at the Coast Dairies near Santa Cruz. We will measure, map, draw, and photograph features, and describe them according to the guidelines of the DPR 523 forms. This work will help volunteer stewards better describe their sites.

small marker(updated 5 June, 2015) On August 22, an advanced workshop will be held at the Maturango Museum at 100 East Las Flores Ave., Ridgecrest, CA 93555. This workshop is sponsored by the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest. There will be presentations by Tim Kelly and Sandy Rogers about a collection that touched some Forest lands many years ago. Then we will help catalog and catagorize items from this collection. This hands-on experience will help volunteer stewards better recognize artifacts at their sites.