class discussion sessionFor one exercise, participants at the 2019 Ukiah workshop formed several small groups to discuss how they would react in various site stewardship situations.

field tripThe 2019 Ukiah workshop participants visited an archaeological site on the second day, and recorded their site stewardship observations.

Site stewards record their observationsSite stewards usually go into the field in pairs. These volunteer site stewards are comparing their observations.

First CASSP workshopThe first CASSP volunteer training workshop was held in 1999 at the BLM Ridgecrest Field Office, with archaeologist Judith Reed.

CASSP is the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, where trained volunteers work with professional archaeologists to protect archaeological and historical resources by regularly visiting sites to record and report changes. CASSP is not a government program; it is administered by the Partners for Archaeological Site Stewardship, a not-for-profit company incorporated in California.

In order to become a CASSP volunteer, you must attend a two-day, training workshop (see how to join). Pre-registration must be made by e-mail, mail, or phone as soon as possible, but no later than the Monday before the workshop (see registration). The volunteer training workshop fee is $25 per person. Attendance usually is limited to 25.

small marker(updated March 2020) The annual meeting of the Society for California was postponed from March for public health reasons. It will be held later this year. In the meantime, you can download the 2019 CASSP annual report as a three-page PDF file here. Please send comments and questions to the CASSP coordinators, Karen and Mike.

small marker(updated January 2020) More and more, archaeologists are recognizing the importance of public support for site preservation. We gratefully acknowledge the support that Michael DeGiovine has received from Material Cultural Consulting <> for his involvement in CASSP.

small marker(updated January 2020) If you are interested in attending a future CASSP volunteer training workshop, then please send an e-mail message to the CASSP coordinators, Karen Lacy or Michael DeGiovine, and we will put your name on the list of people to contact as soon as future workshops are scheduled.